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What we do


Individual Therapy


Whether you have a specific goal in mind, just need somebody to listen, or aren't quite sure what you need but just know you're not quite satisfied with where you are, we can help you get there. Though I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, there is equal respect for personal needs and familial ones.​


Family Therapy


None of us exists in a bubble, though it feels like it at times.  We are all impacted by the people we love and their lives are impacted by ours.  When things go wrong, the entire family may feel stuck.  Likewise when one person changes, the entire family changes in some way in response.  Family therapy was designed to account for these changes by helping individuals function better in their families and helping families adjust, adapt, and move on to healthier levels of functioning.  This is what we do at Robin Harvey Therapy.  



We are all connected in some way.  Relationships give our lives more meaning and motivate us to take a hard look at what we might need to change about ourselves.  When we're able to do that, we become better connected in every aspect of life.  Improvement in one area of your life, leads to improvement across the board.


Recovery Support


Nobody gets anywhere totally alone.  Transitioning from recovery can feel isolating without solid support.  Even veteran recoverers need a place where they can continue to grow, revisit old, plaguing issues, or just keep working,  This is one place.



Yes, this service is available.

At the current time our secure video conferencing preference is Doxy.  Access to this will be sent to you at the appropriate time.


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