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10 Most Effective Therapeutic Traits*


  • Empathy- I hear you speak even though I don't feel what you feel.

  • Genuineness-our outer selves should match our inner selves-nothing fake or phony, nothing defensive, no role-playing

  • Respect-a deep and sincere belief that all beings are equal and have the right to choose their own path

  • Self-disclosure- an art that allows us to use ourselves and our experiences only in order to help others

  • Warmth-nonverbal communication of absolute humanness

  • Immediacy-the ability to emphasize the process of the relationship between therapist and client; keeping clients in the present moment and relationship

  • Concreteness- keeping communications in therapy specific to client's concerns (as opposed to presumptions or generalizations)

  • Confrontation- (the good kind) creating a situation where growth can occur by bringing a client into more direct contact with their experience

  • Potency- therapist is comfortable being themselves (and sees adversities as challenges) so they can encourage others to experience the same

  • Self-Actualization- always learning, never feel they've "got it all down,"no roles, no fakeness, no need to protect because they're not hiding anything, fully human, aware of strengths and weaknesses, spontaneous, warm, intimate, humorous, experience stress and setbacks but are rarely knocked off-center, flexible, takes risks in order to grow, always seeking to learn more about themselves.




*according to Jacquelyn Small, Becoming Naturally Therapeutic

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